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This community-led, grassroots opposition to freeway expansion in the time of climate change has relied on gracious volunteerism from individuals and community members from across the Portland region. We don’t send too many emails; if you sign up we promise to only bug you sparingly, when there’s big news or we need your help contacting elected officials.

We also are sharing our resources with the Just Crossing Alliance, who are working to right-size the proposed Interstate Bridge Replacement.

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We’re entirely a grassroots effort of everyday Oregonians fighting for a better future. If you’ve got time and an interest in helping out, chances are we can find a use for you. Social media skills? Technical planner that wants to lend their wonky skills for good use? Event planner? Graphic Designer? We need all the help we can get! Send us an email at info at no more freeways pdx dot com and we’ll be in touch.


ODOT and PBOT have spent untold hundreds of thousands over the past three years to try and build support for this project. We’ve spent approximately $20,000, and most of it went to buttons, lawyer fees and facebook ads. Donate a couple bucks and we’ll send you some buttons and stickers (especially if you email us your physical address when you donate, and tell us what swag you want).

Can you throw us a couple bucks to help stop this freeway expansion? Donations to the No More Freeways campaign are tax-deductible, thanks to the generosity of our pals and fiscal sponsors, Portland Transport.